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Get tips and advice from other backpackers on their Working Holiday Visa. Find out how to travel, find a job or save money in Australia! You will discover some fantastic travel tips that will help you during your journey.

Top 10 Road Trip Must Haves

Who can resist the great open road of Australia? Right! Nobody! Like Steph who has already been driving around this massive country for over...

Best suburbs in Sydney – Accommodation guide

When you’re a backpacker arriving in Sydney, it can be quite tricky to find the place of your dreams. Especially if you don’t know...
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20 tips to save money while travelling in Australia

Leaving for Australia soon? All along your trip, you will discover ways to save money. However, here are some tips to reduce your costs. #1...
Backpacking guy

25 useful Backpacking tips

No matter if you’re just planning your trip or if you’re already on the road! There are lots of questions that backpackers come across:...

8 Safety Tips for Driving in Australia

Whether you’re taking a long road trip, driving a tractor as part of your farm work or going to pick up friends from a...

Solo traveling around Tasmania – 10 good reasons

If you wanna travel around Australia on your own, then you should definitely consider Tasmania. Tasmania is the smallest state of Australia far down...

20 Tips for Moving to Australia

Zoë moved to Australia almost two years ago. Obviously, as she's still here she loves it. But when she first moved, there were so many things...

Melbourne Travel Tips & deals

Melbourne’s reputation is impossible to excel. This cosmopolitan city is known for its culture, filled with museums and street art to admire during your...
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Perth Travel Tips

Perth, the most isolated city in the world, has a population of over 2 million people. Like in all big cities, the cost of...
best time to visit Australia

Best time to visit Australia

Australia’s climate is generally favourable all year round however, understanding the seasons a little more will make your trip a lot more enjoyable and...