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Get your RSA Certificate in Victoria

Get your RSA Certificate in Victoria

If you want to work in hospitality and any venues where alcohol is sold, you will need to obtain your RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol). This certificate is mandatory in Victoria. Working in a bar is a great way to finance your Backpacker journey or the perfect . In this article, we will introduce everything you need to know about the RSA in Victoria.

What is an RSA certificate?

The RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) is a certificate showing that you know the regulations concerning alcohol consumption in Australia. It is mandatory if you want to work in hospitality.

Mandatory in all states in Australia, you can obtain your RSA by taking part in a course online or in a classroom. With this certificate you are allowed to work in all places where alcohol is served or sold (restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels, bottle shops).

During your RSA training, you will learn to serve alcohol responsibly by identifying intoxicated customers and underage patrons. This course will also bring awareness and prevention of drink driving. It will help you to understand the regulations regarding alcohol and its consumption in Australia. You will also learn to measure standard drinks and legally sell and serve alcohol. In Australia most drinks have a standard drink measurement that indicates the strength of the beverage.

RSA Victoria

How much is the RSA Certificate in Victoria?

Rates vary between $50 and $150 depending on the package chosen.

Get your certificate in class

We recommend completing your RSA with RSA Melbourne. They are fully accredited to deliver the RSA Course via virtual classroom during the COVID-19 pandemic. The course cost $50 and includes your VCGLR Certificate. You can book your RSA Virtual Classroom easily using the below link. Just click on the link and choose a date:  

Get your certificate online

It is now possible to take your RSA Victoria training online. If you want to do an online training, we recommend completing the course with EOT. EOT, fully accredited (RTO 40592) offers online training for the state of Victoria at $35 instead of $80 thanks to our partnership. You can start your training by clicking on the following link:

Can the Victorian RSA Certificate be done Online?

In normal times, no! However, because of the Covid 19 pandemic, the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation has authorised some companies to provide online training for RSA Victoria. Indeed, temporary you can get your RSA Vic certificate via virtual classes or online.
Please note that if you find a job, you can start working behind the bar but you need to complete your RSA certificate within 30 days after starting your new job.

How is my Victorian RSA Certificate delivered ?

You will be required to create a USI number (Unique Student Identifier) for the completion of the course. It is free and easy. You can create this number even if you are on a Working Holiday visa. To get your USI, simply visit the official website. You will receive your certificate after you completed the training at the end of the day. If you choose to do it online, you will receive 2 Certificates, Nationally Accredited Statement of Attainment and Official VIC RSA Certificate.

Refresher RSA in Victoria

After 3 years you will need to complete a refresher course. Many Backpackers won’t need to do this as they don’t stay longer than 3 years.

Please note that if you have already done your RSA in another state of Australia, it’s possible to do your RSA Refresher online, which is accepted in Victoria (conditions apply).

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