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Minimum wage in Australia will increase in July 2019

Minimum wage in Australia will increase in July 2019

The FairWork Commission has just announced good news for all Australian workers. As of July 1, 2019, an increase in the national minimum wage will come into effect. An increase to improve the quality of life for Australians and all foreign workers on the territory. We tell you everything in this article!

Update 2022: Minimum wage salary is increased annually in Australia. last increase was in July 2022. The current national minimum wage is $812.60 per week or $21.38 per hour.

Minimum wage increase

Annual Wage Review 2019

Good news for all employees in Australia! As of July 1, 2019, a 3% increase in minimum wages will come into effect. Thus, the new national minimum wage will be $740.80 per week or $19.49 per hour.
Previously, the minimum wage was set at $719.20 per week or $18.93 per hour.

For all those who work in casual, the minimum wage increases to $24.36 per hour from July 1st.

The increase applies from the first full pay period beginning on or after July 1, 2019.

Who does the increase apply to?

The increase applies to employees that get their pay rates from:
– The national minimum wage;
– A modern award.

The national minimum wage applies to employees who aren’t covered by an award or agreement. However, if you have signed an agreement, you should check it to see whether this increase affects you.

The increase doesn’t affect employees who already get paid more than the new minimum wage.

More information

You can check the Fair Work Commission’s decision to know more about the increase:

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