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Where to find Jobs in Australia during the COVID-19 crisis?

Where to find Jobs in Australia during the COVID-19 crisis?

Just like the rest of the world, Australia is hit by the COVID-19 virus. Thousands of people have lost their jobs in Australia due to COVID-19. The government has relaxed the working conditions for certain temporary visa holders during this crisis. These are the sectors that will need to employ staff for the next few weeks/ months to come.

Where to find work in Australia during COVID-19?

Jobs Queensland COVID-19

Since the closure of non-essential businesses in Australia, many people have lost their jobs. We think of all the “casuals” in the hospitality industry or in cleaning.

Employees in sales that work in a store are also very affected by the COVID-19 crisis. However, don’t despair, there are a lot of ads going around right now with new job openings.

Obviously the most promising jobs at the moment revolve around essential services. In the field of health, delivery, mass distribution and telecommunications.

For qualified people in the health sector, do not hesitate to contact the health department of the state or territory in which you are located.

Jobs in grocery stores

Coles seeks to hire more than 5,000 people across the country in casual positions, in particular, to restock the shelves, group and clean the carts, etc.
You will find the list of available jobs and can directly apply online on their website.

Woolworth also recruits 20,000 employees. Apply on their website.

Aldi and IGA are also chains that offer jobs and are still recruiting, casual or part-time.

Jobs Australia COVID-19 coles

Jobs in delivery

Also, think of the deliveries jobs. In particular, Dominos which recruits 2000 people for deliveries. You can apply directly on their website.

Also think of UberEats, Deliveroo… you will need to register and have a vehicle (car, scooter, bicycle).

Some restaurants or bakeries are also looking to hire for deliveries. You will need to have a vehicle. Maybe contact those near you by phone.

Finally, you can offer your services on Facebook pages. For example, you can offer to shop for someone for a few dollars. It’s better than nothing and you help at the same time!

Jobs Australia COVID-19 delivery

Jobs in factories

Some factories are faced with increased production demands. This is the case with factories manufacturing masks, for example. In Victoria, Shepparton, Med-Con, a mask manufacturing plant that used to produce 2 million masks a year and is asked to produce 50 million today, is looking to recruit. So be sure to check out the factories near you which currently may be recruiting. Also, check out Seek where there are still a lot of ads for factory jobs at the moment.

Jobs in telecommunications

Also, consider checking out the telco companies. For example, Telstra recruits 300 employees in Queensland. Telephone operators are sought in Townsville or Brisbane for Call centers. You can apply on their website.

Datacom is also looking to recruit to collect information related to COVID-19. Have a look on their website.

Jobs in construction and mining

Construction jobs are currently considered to be “essentials”. This means that there are potential jobs in this sector if you have your White Card.

In addition, the BHP group is recruiting 1,000 people in Queensland and 1,500 in the rest of the country. Jobs are machine operators, mechanic, electrician, cleaning, etc. You can apply on careers.bhp.com.

Get discounts on your White Card course

Take advantage of our special offers to get your White Card and work in the construction industry.

Jobs in Fruit picking

Many people seek to flee the cities to find a job on a farm. Note that before you can go to work on a farm, you must register with the government. Then it will be necessary to isolate yourself for a period of 14 days before starting to work. The purpose of this measure is to limit the spread of the virus in rural areas, which are currently spared. Once you start work, your employer must guarantee the application of social distancing measures and ensure your safety.

The National Harvest Labor Information Service is still running, connecting farmers looking for labour with people looking for work. You can contact 1800 062 332 from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Call in the morning for a higher chance to get job offers.

It seems that Speedie staff solutions are recruiting to pick up fruit towards Mareeba and Innisfail QLD (email: enquiries@speediestaffsolutions.com.au). QITE is also looking for pickers and packers (email: mareeba@qite.com) (same region).

The Fruit Picking Map

Are you looking for a job in Fruit Picking? Get free access to more than 400 farm contacts via our interactive map.


A good option can indeed be to volunteer for a few weeks or months. You can opt for Wwoofing or HelpX. You work a few hours a day in exchange for a roof and your meals. On a farm, with a family needing a helping hand, with associations, etc.

Also, think of organisations. Indeed, following the destructive fires that the country has experienced recently, many animal or reconstruction organisations in the affected areas need manpower. Some offer to house you for free in exchange for your help, such as BlazeAid. In addition, if you work in disaster areas, the days worked, even on a voluntary basis, it will count for your visa renewal!

Become an Au Pair

If you are in town, another option may be to look for a host family for the coming months. On one hand, you will have a roof over your head and pocket money but you will also have a great experience by sharing the daily life of a family. Children are carefree and will bring you lots of positive vibes! You can find ads on local Facebook groups or via specialised agencies.

Jobs Australia COVID-19 au pair

For those qualified as medical professionals

The health departments of each state also recruit people competent in the medical field. For example for Queensland, the health department recruits on Health.qld.gov.au. This also applies to all other states and territories, so check their respective page

Beware of border closures and quarantines

Most states and territories have all closed their borders. If you move from one state to the other one, you may find it difficult and you will have to isolate yourself for 14 days upon your arrival. So, be sure to first check that you can get into a state. For example, Queensland is very strict and if you are not a resident of the state, you will not be able to enter it. Strict police controls are in place at the borders of states and territories. In the state of WA, travel between different regions of the state should be limited to those strictly necessary. Entry into the WA is also very restricted.

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