Also known as “Ayers Rock” Uluru is a sacred site that belongs to the Anangu Aboriginals in Australia. Even though tourists are allowed to enter the site there are some restrictions when it comes to taking photos or videos. It is usually not allowed to take videos with a drone. Recently the managers made an exception and allowed a non-profit company to take a Uluru video with spectacular birds-eye views. Have a look…

“Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia” is the name of the non-profit company that took the first drone video of Uluru – the sacred rock in Australia Courtesy National Park. The video offers a never seen perspective and unique pictures from all angles of the 600 million year old monolith, that is 3.6 km long and 348 meters high. But what you see is only the tip of a huge rock – Uluru continues below the ground for possibly 5 to 6 km.

Updated on the 30/11/2019. Initially published on the 20/09/2018.

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