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South Australia

With its red outback, dramatic coastline, world-class vineyards, local produce and historic towns, South Australia has certainly a lot to offer. Adelaide, the bustling capital of South Australia, was more of a planned colony than a condemned settlement like most other Australian capitals. The state is known for its wines, products and major festivals and sporting events.
Located about 33km north of Coober Pedy - Kanku Breakaways is a fascinating site! This region is very important in Aboriginal culture (The Antakirinjas) and is formed by orange coloured arid hills that span across the...
If you are on a mission to explore South Australia’s capital city, Adelaide, you can choose between several means of transport; bus, train, tram, bicycle or car. Adelaide’s public transport system can take you to the main...
With a population of 1.35 million people, Adelaide is the capital of the state of South Australia. Designer William Light wanted the city to be surrounded by parks and public gardens (totalling 900 hectares of green space). The city...