When travelling around the world, you need to be sure that you are protected from all the things that might go wrong along the road. There are many travel insurance companies available on the market, and it could be difficult to pick the right one, the one that will cover your needs. World Nomads is one of the favourite travel insurance for travellers around the world. They offer a good cover for you and your belongings when travelling in more than 150 countries. World Nomads has been designed by travellers to cover everything you need during your trip. Here are all the details you need to know about World Nomads before subscribing.

Why getting travel insurance?

On an international travel adventure, you want to be sure you are covered in case something goes wrong. Like any trip, you may be faced with unexpected risks which could potentially cost you a lot if you do not have travel insurance. Even if you are very cautious, unfortunately these things can and do happen to any traveller! Costs for medical treatment or medical evacuation in case of injury or sudden illness can go up and up very quickly. That is why it is important to be covered while travelling. With travel insurance, you know that neither you nor your family will be broke if something happens. Moreover, know that to visit some countries (i.e. New Zealand, Australia…) you will need to have a travel insurance to be able to get some visas, such as a Working Holiday Visa. Be sure to check this point before planning your travel overseas!

World Nomads: Introduction

World Nomads has been founded by Simon Monk, an independent traveller. Since 2002, World Nomads protects independent travelers all over the world. Simon’s travel experiences inspired the World Nomads core concept of being able to buy a travel insurance with the freedom to extend it as you need it. From this principle, World Nomads has added more tools and services, to help people live their adventures and travel safely.

World Nomads policies provide different levels of coverage for all key areas while you are travelling. It covers emergency medical treatment overseas, including treatment in a clinic or hospital, medicines, and physiotherapy.

In case of sudden illness or injury, World Nomads covers your transport to the nearest, appropriate medical facility, which also includes medical repatriation for further treatment at home. It also includes, additional travel and accommodation expenses (if it’s reasonable) for a friend or relative to accompany you while you’re in hospital and/or during repatriation.

Their insurance covers the costs of cancelling all or part of your trip in certain circumstances, including sudden illness or serious injury, natural disaster, lost of job, or lost passport (events that are out of your control).

It covers your electronic devices if stolen or damaged whilst travelling. World Nomads covers your loss in specific incidents up to individual item limits. Note here that you can upgrade your cover to increase these item limits.

Most importantly it covers a lot of activities that you will do during your trip! You can check online the 150 Adventure activities covered by Word Nomads. You have access to the A-Z List of Adventure Activities online on their website.

Coverage and benefits vary depending on your country of residence.
So for full details of what you are covered for, please get a quote from the insurer: www.worldnomads.com 

World Nomads: The Benefits

Here is a list of all the benefits of World Nomads :

  • World Nomads offers 24 hour worldwide assistance team
  • You can buy and extend online, even after you have left home
  • The insurance covers your Baggage and Personal Belongings
  • You can claim online whilst travelling and the process is easy,
  • It covers most adventure activities (check the list online)
  • Provides a worldwide Emergency Assistance

How to subscribe?

It is pretty simple to take out travel insurance with World Nomads! You can do it before leaving home or even during your trip! Subscription is available online and will only take you a few minutes to complete. You will need to provide information on you and your planned trip… that’s all!

To get a quote, just enter your details below… and have a safe trip!


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Updated 25/11/19 – Initially published 20/09/18

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