Why should I get travel insurance?

When getting ready for a travel overseas, regardless of its nature, it involves a minimum of preparation. And you will sooner or later have to decide whether or not to take out travel insurance. Although it is not mandatory, it is nevertheless highly recommended for a lot of reasons. Through this article, we will give you some of the reasons why you should be taking an international travel insurance.


National health care system

If you are lucky to be able to benefit from good health coverage in your home country, it is important to note that usually your national health care system won’t cover you outside the European zone. Indeed, out of your home country, it is necessary to take additional insurance to be covered in case of an accident. If traveling in Europe, it is necessary to ask for your European Insurance card.

Some countries have signed Reciprocal Health Care Agreements, allowing participating nationalities to have parts of their costs for medically necessary care covered while abroad. You should check if your country is one of them.


Credit card travel insurance

Today most credit cards offer coverage for travellers. However, this option is not sufficient and is generally limited. Indeed, restrictions are applied on the duration of the trip (usually less than 90 days), the level of repayment. Moreover, very specific terms and conditions apply most of the time. Even though credit card travel insurance might be helpful for short stays, it is definitely not an effective solution for longer travels, which require more comprehensive insurances.

For more information: Credit Card Travel Insurance


Health risks abroad

Whatever your country of destination is, no one is protected from health risks abroad. International travel can pose various risks to health, depending on your type of travel and on your health needs. Since health is paramount, you have to be careful and make sure you are covered in all situations!

Depending on your country of destination, health risks may arise. Especially in areas where hygiene and sanitation are poor and medical services not well developed.

Before going away, especially for long travels and in remote areas, you should get checked by your doctor. Your GP will also be able to warn you about the risks involved in your destination countries. Nevertheless, getting a travel health insurance is very useful if you get sick while traveling. As benign as it is, it is better to be covered and not have to pay money for care.

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Travel insurance for cancellations

Unforeseen circumstances can happen while traveling abroad. Cancellation insurance is useful if your itinerary changes or if you have to cancel your stay in a place. First, you should have a look at the cancellation policies of your bookings. Generally, the covers offered are low and it is difficult to get any refund. If you need to cancel or want to have more flexibility during your trip, you should take out cancellation insurance in order to avoid losing too much money. Moreover, if you are not traveling by yourself, changes of plans are very likely, so it is essential to make sure you will have your back covered!


Luggage insurance

When you are traveling abroad for a long period of time, it is pretty common to carry a lot of luggage and / or valuables. Losing, damaging or being robbed of your property is normally very stressful. Without having the appropriate insurance, it is likely that you are helpless in those situations. Insurance companies have acknowledged that this is one of the biggest complaints of travellers and have developed specific covers for possessions and luggage. It is important to find out in advance about the covers offered because even though it is effective most of the time, luggage insurance does not cover everything.


Early return

When traveling abroad, an unexpected event may force you to return home earlier than planned. Unfortunately, in the event of death or a serious accident of a family member, or a major incident at home, you might have to go back home earlier. If you are covered by a travel insurance, this change of plan can be taken care of at no cost for you.


Legal assistance

Any litigation leads to fees. Those fees can get high pretty quickly, so if you do not want to spend too much money, it’s safer to be covered. All travel insurances offer to cover all or part of legal costs, such as lawyer, expert costs etc.


Repatriation assistance

Traveling usually involve discovery and fun, however, an accident can unfortunately happen at any time. In case of accident or serious illness, the medical team that will treat you may decide to transfer you to another country or to repatriate you. To cover those situations and the costs involved, additional travel insurance is required.


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