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The top things to do in Perth

The top things to do in Perth

Perth is sometimes overshadowed by the big cities in the east of Australia. Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne are some of the main attractions on the continent, and with good reason. They’re home to major landmarks, awesome events, and famous beaches. But as the capital of Western Australia, Perth has a lot to offer as well. These are some of the highlights to fit in if you get the opportunity to spend a few days there.

Kings Park

Described as Perth’s pride and joy by a popular travel site, this massive park is an outstanding place to explore. It’s located in the western portion of the city such that it overlooks the Swan River, though at 400 hectares it’s hard to say it sits in any one spot. The park has everything you could possibly want for a full day outside: a gigantic botanic garden, hiking and cycling trails, and playgrounds for kids. There’s also a fairly unique highlight within the park, which is glass bridge that winds its way through a little eucalyptus forest.

Penguin Island

You probably don’t need much more than the name to be tempted to visit Penguin Island! It’s technically outside of Perth, but it’s only a short journey to the south, in the middle of Showalter Bay. You’ll see a lot of interesting wildlife given that the island is situated within Showalter Islands Marine Park (the snorkeling is outstanding, in fact), but the tiny penguins are the main attraction. You may see them in the wild, but you can also attend a feeding to see them up close.

Crown Perth

If you want some more standard urban entertainment, Crown Perth is a fun place to spend an evening. It’s basically a casino resort where you can enjoy a spa, fine dining restaurants, occasional shows, and of course the actual casino gaming floor. There are over 240 table games in the facility, but those aren’t even the main attraction. Pokies are believed to represent the most popular and alluring offerings for players around the world, and if you fall into that category you can enjoy upwards of 2,000 electric gaming machines as well.


This is a restaurant, and possibly the best one in town. It’s certainly one of the most interesting options for tourists, given its blend of interesting design and a delicious menu. Designed largely with glass and steel boundaries, it sits on the fourth floor of the elegant COMO The Treasury hotel, with excellent views of the surrounding city. Local ingredients are at the core of the menu, which follows the Noongar six seasons, as you can read about at the restaurant website. The Noongar are indigenous peoples of Western Australia, and their unique seasonal system has inspired a dynamic tasting experience at Wildflower.

Fremantle Port

If you want a sense of the city’s history as well as some seaside views, the Fremantle Port area should definitely be on your list. It’s still an active port, so you’ll find some uglier shipping areas. But you can also learn about the history of the port in the British colony days, and you can also find some interesting little bars and restaurants near the water. It’s another charming place to visit just outside of Perth.

The top things to do in Perth
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