The city of Melbourne attracts tourists from around the world, thanks to its mix of Australian and European cultures. However, the locals laugh heartily at the weather in Melbourne, which is often sulky when the Winter comes. Renowned as the cultural capital of the country, this cosmopolitan city has adapted to its unpredictable climate. Thankfully, Melbourne is full of activities to practice on rainy days, here is a list of thing to do in Melbourne when it’s raining.

Discover the coffee culture

Melbourne is without a doubt one of the most exciting cities in the world in terms of coffee culture. This Australian megacity has a world-leading reputation for coffee which is undeniably deserved. Indeed, it is home to innumerable cozy cafes which are ideal for rainy days. The majority are located in Fitzroy, a trendy suburb of the North-East of the city where many quaint coffee spots can be found.  We recommend Arcadia, which is a beautifully colored cafe with delicious dishes or Grub, an eclectic hub guaranteed to brighten up any rainy day. 

However, Melbourne’s excitement with coffee doesn’t stop in Fitzroy. Each neighborhood has its favorite hot spots, popular with locals and tourists alike.  Each suburb offers a different vibe, with each cafe offering unique decor to reflect the area. Coffee Connoisseurs will certainly appreciate St Ali, in South Yarra which was founded by pioneer Mark Dutton and considered one of the must-visit coffee spots in the city.

Spending a few hours in a local cafe is a dive into a special atmosphere. It’s both exciting yet relaxing, calming yet creative. You can spend your time with a magazine, on your computer or meet other travellers as you shelter from the rain with delicious coffee and cake. It’s also a great opportunity to discover some Australian culinary culture such as vegemite toast or pulled pork and coriander sandwiches.

Entertained & Educated at the museums

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you should stay home. Instead you can spend a few hours learning about culture and arts in one of Melbourne’s many museums. Starting with the best known, the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), with two centers in the heart of the city, it offers plenty architecture and exhibitions to enjoy. Home to colourful paintings and sculptures by Aboriginal artists, these works tell the stories of the men and women who marked the human and artistic evolution of Australia. Several free exhibitions are also available all year round which is perfect for those on a backpacking budget.

Often overshadowed by the NGV, but well worth visiting is the Australian Center of Moving Image (ACMI). It is dedicated to all things film with the program changing frequently throughout the year. This allows the opportunity to learn more about Australian films and television as well as famous blockbusters from around the world.

For photography fans, the Center for Contemporary Photography in Fitzroy showcases the work of emerging and established artists. The opening of each exhibition follows a conference that explains the work of the artists. Established in the 1980s as a social hub for the local community,  it has now expanded into five spaces within the same building and even offers photography classes.

 thing to do in Melbourne when it's raining Museum

Have some “me time”

Miserable weather can often affect our motivation however, use this time to focus on your health and wellbeing with Melbourne being a global leader in taking well-being seriously. For example, yoga is an incredibly popular activity in Melbourne, not to mention an ideal way to hide from wet weather. 

Enjoy the relaxing vibes from one of the many funky, cosy studios which even offer taster sessions for free or at introductory prices. Some studios even have an app which will offer more discounts and promotions such as 5 lessons for $30 or your first week free. A favourite yoga spot is Gertrude Street Yoga Studio in Fitzroy, home to attentive and welcoming teachers. This studio offers classes for all levels in a comfortable and relaxing studio.

thing to do in Melbourne when it's raining yoga

If yoga sounds like hard work, you may enjoy a new style of well-being class.  Floating therapy is a leading trend where you can spend anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours in a floatation chamber. It is far more relaxing than the name suggests, and this hi-tech experience promises to relax and relieve the body of stress and body pains.

It essentially involves lying in a tub filled with water and magnesium sulfate, which allows you to float and your mind to drift away. This innovation will help dissolve any tensions and focus entirely on your body and mind, almost like meditation. The perfect calming experience to rejuvenate after a busy week. 

Dance (almost) in the rain

If you’ve spent all day inside looking at the gloomy weather, it’s time to brighten up your day by dancing the night away. Enjoy the many free or discounted nights, hidden bars and concert halls which Melbourne has on offer. On Mondays, the  Northcote Social Club Concert Hall hosts three free concerts each week featuring Pop, punk or rock among other genres to suit all tastes. In Carlton, the   Nova Cinema is perfect for a rainy day as it often offers half price tickets. 

Finally, what better way to cheer up a gloomy day than crying with laughter at one of the many Australian comedians who perform in Melbourne each week. Better yet, there are free shows organized regularly from the Spleen Bar in the CBD to Attik in Prahran.

Do you have your own list of activities for bad weather? Tell us about the things you are doing in Melbourne when it’s raining.

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