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Australia International borders: Current Situation (April 2022)

Australia International borders: Current Situation (April 2022)

In December 2021 a first step towards the reopening of the Australian borders had been taken. Indeed foreigners holding one of the 28 visas listed by the government and deemed to be a priority for economic recovery were allowed to enter the country. Since that date, people on Working Holiday Visas, international students or skilled workers can enter the country. On February 7, 2022, the government announced a reopening date for all visa holders, including tourists. Here is all the information on the current border situation and the conditions for entering the territory.

What visas are allowed to travel to Australia?

Australia took a first step towards opening its borders on December 15, 2021. From this date, the country allowed holders of several visa categories to enter. Remember that previously, the country’s borders were closed to foreigners. Here is the list of people authorized to come to Australia since December 15, 2021.

Working Holiday Visa Makers (417 & 462) and Students (500)

The announcement concerned WHV visas for all partner countries with Australia for the Working Holiday Program. But it also concerned international students, skilled workers, refugees, etc.

List of authorised Visas

Subclass 200 – Refugee visa
Subclass 201 – In-country Special Humanitarian visa
Subclass 202 – Global Special Humanitarian visa
Subclass 203 – Emergency Rescue visa
Subclass 204 – Woman at Risk visa
Subclass 300 – Prospective Marriage visa
Subclass 400 – Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) visa
Subclass 403 – Temporary Work (International Relations) visa (other streams, including Australian Agriculture Visa stream)
Subclass 407 – Training visa
Subclass 408 – Temporary Activity visa
Subclass 417 – Working Holiday visa
Subclass 449 – Humanitarian Stay (Temporary) visa
Subclass 457 – Temporary Work (Skilled) visa
Subclass 461 – New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship visa
Subclass 462 – Work and Holiday visa
Subclass 476 – Skilled – Recognised Graduate visa
Subclass 482 – Temporary Skill Shortage visa
Subclass 485 – Temporary Graduate visa
Subclass 489 – Skilled – Regional (Provisional) visa
Subclass 491 – Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa
Subclass 494 – Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) visa
Subclass 500 – Student visa
Subclass 580 – Student Guardian visa (closed to new applicants)
Subclass 590 – Student Guardian visa
Subclass 785 – Temporary Protection visa
Subclass 790 – Safe Haven Enterprise visa
Subclass 870 – Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa
Subclass 988 – Maritime Crew visa

Source : HomeAffairs

Travel restriction lifted

What to do if my visa expired before the opening of borders?

WHV makers who were not able to enter Australia because of the closed borders will be able to lodge a new application free of charge. They will be able to have a new visa for free if they still under the age limit or will get a refund if they are over it. Please also note that the age limit will be increased to 35 years old for UK passport holders.

Travellers on working holiday visas who had to leave Australia early due to the pandemic will be eligible for a waiver, or a refund depending on their situation.

Refunds and waivers are available for current or expired WHV holders who are not able to travel to Australia because of travel restrictions.

Both Refunds and Waivers applications are available through the immigration website.

For more information, check out : WORKING HOLIDAY AUSTRALIA: Visa Waiver or refund announced by the government

Reimbursement of visas for students and WHV arriving until March / April 2022 in Australia

The federal government has announced that it will grant a refund of visa fees to all students or backpackers arriving in Australia up to April 2022.

Student visa fees ($630) will be refunded for all those who arrived in Australia between January 19, 2022 and March 19, 2022. If this is your case, do not hesitate to apply for a refund.

Additionally, all backpackers with a Working Holiday Visa can get a full visa fee refund ($495). All those who arrive / have arrived in the country between January 19, 2022 and April 19, 2022 are concerned. Again, if you arrived during this period, do not hesitate to apply for a refund.

New Free of charge visa for those in Australia

People in WHV and who are in Australia can also benefit from a new visa free of charge. To be able to benefit from the free visa, it is necessary to be in Australia (Onshore application) and to have held a PVT before March 20, 2020. The visa application is made on the Australian immigration site.

Tourist visas

Since February 21, 2022, tourists are allowed to enter the country. No exemption request is necessary. However, in order to enter the country, you must be doubly vaccinated with one of the vaccines approved in Australia. Only 2 doses are required to enter the country (April 2022).

Tourists have represented a huge shortfall for the country and should thus help to revive the economy.

Conditions to enter Australia in 2022

To enter the country, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Be fully vaccinated (2 doses)
  • Have a valid visa
  • Prove your vaccination status
  • Present a negative PCR test carried out within 3 days of your departure or a negative rapid antigen test carried out under medical supervision within 24 hours before your flight. This condition disappears from April 17, 2022. After this date no test is necessary.
  • You must also complete a Digital Passenger Declaration (formerly Australia Travel Declaration – ATD). The information in this statement helps determine if you will need to be quarantined upon arrival.

Approved vaccines in Australia

  • AstraZeneca Vaxzevria
  • AstraZeneca Covishield
  • Pfizer/Biontech Comirnaty
  • Moderna Spikevax
  • Sinovac Coronavac
  • Bharat Biotech Covaxin
  • Sinopharm BBIBP-CorV (for 18-60 year olds)
  • Johnson & Johnson/ Janssen-Cilag COVID Vaccine
  • Sputnik

Vaccine rollout in Australia

The vaccination campaign in Australia have started on February 22, 2021.

Australia mainly uses 2 different vaccines produced overseas, both requiring two injections. These are the Pfizer-Biontech vaccine and the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine.

Number of doses administered and vaccination rate in Australia

Access to vaccine

COVID-19 vaccination will be free for everyone living in Australia. The Government will offer free vaccines to all people living in Australia to achieve the maximum level of coverage, including to visa holders in Australia to ensure the maximum possible coverage in Australia. Which means that the vaccine will be accessible and free of charge for everyone in Australia (WHV makers, international students, tourists etc).

Where to get vaccinated?

Vaccines are available in hospitals, at GP clinics, General Practices, Pharmacists, Aboriginal Controlled Community Health Services, and state-run vaccination clinics.

Vaccine Rollout and international travels

Passengers and crew on all international flights must wear a face mask during their flight and while in an Australian airport. Masks are not required for children under 12 years of age.

Source : health.gov.au

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  1. Hello, just want to clarify something. I have not yet applied for my WHV. I’m currently in the UK. Am I able to apply at the moment, so that when borders hopefully re-open early 2022 (or sometime around then) I will be able to enter Australia as soon as possible? I thought I couldn’t even apply at the moment.

    • Hi Alice
      Yes you can apply, we didnt recommend to do it before now as the situation was quite uncertain. Things are moving at the moment and we are hopeful 2022 will see the reopening of borders! Oce your visa is approved you will have 1 year to enter the country. Processing times for 1st WHV are quite long atm :
      75% of applications in 3 months
      90% of applications in 7 months

  2. hello,
    i m a student from India joined for bachelores in an university in Australia, i have recieved my student visa subclass-500 a couple of weeks ago and is also vaccinated. so far is the chances for me to travel to Australia ,or will i be exepted with a valid student visa.

    • Hi Susan,
      It is likely that students will be able to enter the country by the end of the year. However we do not have any date or information on the conditions to enter. PM will probably gives more information on the next cabinet meeting …

  3. Hi, I turn 36 on the 20th July 2022, is the increased working holiday visa age for UK citizens likely come into effect before then. Currently it still stands at 30.

  4. Hi there, any new predictions, given the recent changes and achieved milestones? Would just be good to start some more reliable planning. Also, it seems that you still can’t apply for a WHV, at least not from Germany. Cheers Krischan

    • Hi Krischan,
      Borders of NSW will reopen in November 2021 allowing Australians and PR to travel in and out the country without requesting an exemption first. Students and skilled workers should be allowed to enter the country (under restrictions) by the end of 2021. Regarding tourists, WHV makers etc, it looks like they will be allowed in March 2022. At this stage, the PM didnt give any specific information but announced that they wanted to welcome international travel by mid 2022. Cheers


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