If you plan to go on a Road Trip in New Zealand, renting a motorhome will probably be your biggest expense! It’s difficult to know what price to expect though when planning a trip. Motorhome hire prices in New Zealand depend on many things. This article will cover all important aspects you should know to get the best price and also to budget accordingly.

How are prices set?

Motorhome hire prices are based on the YIELD Management system, a pricing strategy with which prices vary according to demand. This principle is also used for hotels and flights.

Logically, the sooner you are making a booking, the better prices you get. They often use the term “early bird”. Book at least 2 months in advance to take advantage of these offers. Three months are even better.

Finding “good deals” at the last minute is pretty uncommon. There are last-minute deals around, but these are very difficult to find and very risky. Because if you don’t find a good last-minute deal, you may end up without a vehicle at all.

Other factors play a role in determining the prices of rental motorhomes as well. Obviously the type of model (e.g. 2-seater, 4-seater), the age of the vehicle, the brand, the equipment and the rental period. Prices are usually decreasing the longer you’re renting for (+ 7 days, + 14 days, + 30 days, + 60 days). However, there might be a cheaper option to rent shorter if the vehicle has a few days left in between new bookings.

Moreover, the season also influences the price. Apart from the availability, rental companies generally set higher rates at certain times of the year (school holidays, long weekends, summer). Therefore, when travelling in the low season you will get lower prices. For the same vehicle, you might end up paying 5 times more if it’s in high demand! The motorhome hire prices in New Zealand will all depend on those factors.

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Compare Motorhome rental prices

The best way to compare different motorhome rentals according to your needs and budget is to visit a price comparison website. They are quick and easy to use and will save a lot of decision-making. Motorhome Republic is the one we personally recommend, as it also offers many specials and the user interface is very easy to use.

Rental Rates for Motorhomes

Rental rates in New Zealand vary from agency to agency and depend on the factors mentioned above.

To hire a motorhome in New Zealand can be quite expensive, especially during school holidays (or during Christmas holidays). It is generally cheaper to hire in Christchurch. So if you plan to travel between December and January, raise your budget and make your booking as soon as possible! It is generally cheaper to hire in Christchurch than in Auckland. The demand in Auckland is higher compared to Christchurch.

To give you an idea, in peak season a 4-seater motorhome can cost about 350 NZD per day. Conversely, a similar vehicle during the low season (in June, for example) will cost you about 90 NZD per day.

Tips for renting a cheap Motorhome

  • Book your motorhome in advance to have a selection of vehicles to consider;
  • Use an online comparator like Motorhome Republic;
  • Choose the convenience of an agency close to the airport as they are usually cheaper than the agencies in the city;
  • Travel in a group to split the costs;
motorhome hire prices new zealand

Motorhome hire prices for New Zealand

To give you an idea, we tried to average prices for different models and by season. As every rental company fixes prices individually, it is almost impossible to give you an exact pricing table. Please also consider that renting in Christchurch will be cheaper compared to Auckland.

Prices are in NZD.

Low season rates

  • Average price of a 2-seater motorhome: $ 30 / day
  • Average price of a 4-seater motorhome: $ 55 / day
  • Average price of a 6-seater motorhome: $ 70 / day

Average season rates

  • Average price of a 2-seater motorhome: $ 60 / day
  • Average price of a 4-seater motorhome: $ 110 / day
  • Average price of a 6-seater motorhome: $ 125 / day

High season rates

  • Average price of a 2-seater motorhome: 130 $ / day
  • Average price of a 4-seater motorhome: 400 $ / day
  • Average price of a 6-seater motorhome: 550 $ / day

Motorhome rental insurance

When renting a motorhome in New Zealand, standard insurance is always included in the rental price. This insurance only covers personal injury inflicted on third parties. It does not cover any material damage to the rental vehicle or other vehicles. For this reason, the rental agent will ask you to leave a deposit when picking up the vehicle. They usually charge you by credit card, and the amount depends on the company and type of vehicle. For a motorhome, prices are usually between 5,000 and 7,500 NZD.

If you don’t want to risk anything, take out comprehensive insurance. Your deposit will be 0 to 250 NZD. It is also possible to purchase private insurance or use your credit card insurance (discuss this with your bank beforehand).

Private insurance

There are a number of private insurances available for your rental. Make sure they’re suitable for motorhomes are well. One of the most popular providers in New Zealand is Rentalcover.

Rates vary not only depending on the deposit, but also on the rental period and the age of the driver. Prices are lower for drivers over 25.

With this type of insurance, you will still have to leave a deposit to the rental company. As you don’t take “their” insurance, they will treat you as if you were not insured at all. Consequently, they take a deposit from your credit card as a precaution. However, you will have it covered by your private insurance.

For more information, read our article: Motorhome insurance options in Australia and NZ

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