You are visiting New Zealand? The best way to explore the country is to hire a motorhome. You can travel completely free and spend most of your time outdoors, and discovering this beautiful place. If you want to start your trip on the North Island, here are some tips for motorhome hire in Auckland.

Why renting a Motorhome in Auckland?

Half of New Zealand’s population lives in Auckland. The International airport is close to most motorhome rental agencies and there are usually free shuttle services available.

Rentals are generally more expensive in Auckland compared to Christchurch. This is simply because the demand in Auckland is way higher compared to Christchurch. Most travellers are starting their route from Auckland. However, it is a good idea to hire a motorhome in Auckland if you are visiting the North Island.

Rental agencies

Most of the rental agencies are located near the airport with some located around the city as well.  Therefore, it is relatively easy to find a car to suit your needs. The main car rental agencies in New Zealand are:

  • Ritz
  • Apollo
  • Maui
  • Jucy Rentals
  • Happy campers
  • Euro Camper
  • Heron camper
  • Freedom campers
  • Wendekreisen

Compare Motorhome rental prices

The best way to compare different motorhome rentals according to your needs and budget is to visit a price comparison website. They are quick and easy to use and will save a lot of decision-making. Motorhome Republic is the one we personally recommend, as it also offers many specials and is easy to use:

Rental Rates for Motorhomes

Rental rates in Auckland vary from agency to agency and depend on the length of hire and the model of the vehicle.

To hire a motorhome in Auckland can be quite expensive, especially during school holidays (or during Christmas holidays). So if you plan to travel between December and January, raise your budget and make your booking as soon as possible!

Motorhome prices vary according to the availability and the season. Booking a motorhome three months in advance will be much cheaper than booking it a week before you’re leaving, especially in peak season!
By the way, the daily rates will also be lower if you rent a motorhome for a long period of time. Newer and / or better-equipped vehicles will obviously be more expensive.

To give you an idea, in peak season a 4-seater motorhome can cost about 350 NZD per day. Conversely, a similar vehicle during the low season (in June, for example) will cost you about 90 NZD per day.

Tips for renting a cheap Motorhome

  • Book your rental in Auckland in advance to have a selection of vehicles to consider;
  • Use an online comparator like motorhome republic;
  • Choose the convenience of an agency close to the airport as they are usually cheaper than the agencies in the city;
  • Travel in a group to split the costs;

Motorhome hire price guide for Auckland

To give you an idea, we tried to average prices for different models and by season. As every rental company fixes prices individually, it is almost impossible to give you an exact pricing table.

Prices are in NZD.

Low season rates

  • Average price of a 2-seater motorhome: $ 35 / day
  • Average price of a 4-seater motorhome: $ 60 / day
  • Average price of a 6-seater motorhome: $ 75 / day

Average season rates

  • Average price of a 2-seater motorhome: $ 70 / day
  • Average price of a 4-seater motorhome: $ 120 / day
  • Average price of a 6-seater motorhome: $ 135 / day

High season rates

  • Average price of a 2-seater motorhome: 140 $ / day
  • Average price of a 4-seater motorhome: 450 $ / day
  • Average price of a 6-seater motorhome: 600 $ / day

Visit Auckland and surroundings


Being the largest city in New Zealand, the roads are very busy. We suggest not to drive in the city and on the motorways during rush hours (6h – 10h and 15h – 19h) otherwise you could end up sitting in a traffic jam for an hour or 2! Parking within in the city is expensive so a cheaper alternative is to take the red bus route for approximately $1 NZD into the main downtown street of Auckland, Queen Street.

The two main must-sees are the Sky Tower and Mount Eden. Mount Eden is an old volcano in the center of the city and provides magnificent 360-degree views.


30 minutes from Auckland

Waiheke Island located 30 minutes by ferry from downtown Auckland is Waiheke Island. The island is known for its pristine beaches and world class vineyards and for the more adventurous type there is kayaking, surfing, mountain biking and fishing activities.

1HR – 2HR from Auckland

Pihan Beach is a beach of volcanic black sand that stretches for kilometres and is said to be Auckland’s best-known surf beach. The road into Piha Beach is one lane and very steep.

Muriwai or Muriwai Beach is known for its impressive colonies of gannets, a seabird, which migrate to and from Europe every year. A mind-blowing show!

Raglan is located 150-kilometres southwest of Auckland and is a popular spot for beginner surfers.

motorhome hire auckland 1

2HR + South of Auckland

The Peninsula Coromandel is a small paradise nestled between forests and beaches. The winding road that takes you around the whole peninsula is the best to explore. Cathedral Cove, a 40-minute walk to a  beach of pure white sand and turquoise waters is not to be missed.

Rotorua is a 3-hour drive from Auckland, Rotorua is known for its hot springs, mud baths, and sulfur. Be careful though, the streets of the city center smell of sulfur, and the smell easily infuses clothes!  A few must do’s in the area include; a traditional Maori dinner (the hangi) in Te Puia, the Polynesian Spa to relax, and for the adventure thrill seekers, mountain biking in the Redwoods.

Tongario Crossing:  If you are feeling fit and are a Lord of the Rings fan then the 19km one-way hike to Tongario Crossing, it will definitely remind you of the Mordor.

2HR + North of Auckland

Cape Reinga is a very sacred place for Maori. Located North of Auckland, it is a place of passage of souls to Paradise. The Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea meet, leaving a magnificent spectacle unfolding before your eyes.

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