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Luggage Insurance For Overseas Travel

Luggage Insurance For Overseas Travel

Even though airline companies are usually careful with travellers’ belongings, every year, thousands of people face the loss or damage of their luggage. If your luggage is delayed, stolen or lost, you find yourself struggling with financial and logistical consequences. Travelling overseas is already costly and a stressful affair in itself at times. There is definitely no need for any more organising and worrying about potentially losing your belongings. This is why it’s best to take out a travel insurance. Travel insurance companies can help you deal with these unfortunate incidents and reimburse you for all or part of the loss. Here we explain what is generally covered and what is not covered with luggage insurances.

What is ‘luggage and personal possessions insurance’?

Travel insurance luggage coverage, more or less complete depending on the contract

When securing a travel insurance plan, it’s common for the policy to encompass protection for your luggage and personal effects. Misplaced or delayed baggage is a fairly common travel mishap, leading to unwanted disruptions in your journey. Insurance for your baggage provides a safeguard against such unpredictable events, ensuring you are compensated for some or all expenses incurred.

Typically, baggage insurance safeguards your belongings for the duration of your journey, including both your departure and return. Additionally, certain policies may extend coverage to include any mishaps with your possessions during your stay, such as loss, theft, or damage.

It’s crucial to clarify the specifics of coverage in advance, as the criteria for claiming compensation are quite stringent. For instance, most policies will only cover checked baggage, as any hand luggage remains under your personal care and is thus your responsibility.

Credit card cover: included insurance but limited

If you have a Visa Premier or Gold Mastercard, you can also get insurance against theft, loss and damage of your luggage. However, they only cover you for three months. Also, the amount of repayment is relatively low: 800 to 850 € per luggage, with a deductible of 70 € (information to verify depending on your credit card and bank).

How to make a claim?

If your luggage disappears, it’s important to act fast. Insurance rules can be strict, and it might take some time to sort things out, so you should report a claim as soon as you can.

If your bags are stolen, lost, or damaged, tell the police, airline, or bus company right away. Then, within 24 hours, get in touch with your insurance company. You can often file a claim on their website.

You’ll need to give them some paperwork (like your boarding pass, plane ticket, pictures of any damaged items, or receipts for anything that was stolen). These help the insurance company figure out how much money you should get back.

If you’re robbed, remember that some insurance plans cover that too. Make sure to report it to the local police and keep a copy of the report because you’ll need to show proof when you make your insurance claim.

Luggage insurance limits

When purchasing luggage insurance, make sure you read the fine print as policies are usually limited to specific situations. For example, only belongings left in a concealed storage compartment of a locked vehicle can be covered in case of theft.

Some examples of what is usually not covered:
– Luggage left unattended or forgotten
– Theft or loss of cash or credit cards
– you caused the damage of your things

In order to limit the risks, it is also possible to declare beforehand what valuables you want to be covered.

Insurance Companies

Go Walkabout (UK)

Go Walkabout offers travel insurance policies tailored to long term travellers, Working holiday makers and globetrotters from the UK.

Included in the long-stay travel insurance policy, they cover for what a person normally carries on a trip, such as clothing, a watch, sunglasses, a camera and more. In case your luggage has a delay of more than 12 hours, some of their policies cover expenses for necessary items, such as toothbrush, toothpaste, underwear, towels etc.

For more details with regard to these policies check out their website.

Chapka Assurances

This travel insurance company is based in France and has been operating for more than 20 years. They provide special insurance policies for Working Holiday Visa holders and Globetrotters from all European countries.

With the Cap Adventure luggage cover, you will get a refund if the airline company loses or damages your baggage or if someone steals your luggage while it was supervised or locked away. They cover valuable items up to 1000 EUR. As for all insurance companies, there are exclusions.

For more details with regard to these policies check out their website.

World Nomads

They provides travel insurance for more than 100 countries worldwide except those that have specific Government ‘Do Not Travel’ warnings in place, and any sanctioned countries. Their insurance policies cover your luggage if it was lost, stolen or damaged by the airline or bus company. This also apply to max. $250 cash if it was stolen. They cover the theft, loss or damage of your travel documents or credit cards.

For more details with regard to these policies check out their website.

Note: As an affiliate, we receive a fee when you get a quote from World Nomads using this link. We do not represent World Nomads. This is information only and not a recommendation to buy travel insurance.

World First Travel Insurance

This company is based in the UK and offers insurances to UK citizens that have spent 6 months prior to departure in the UK. Fortunately, they cooperate with Voyager Insurance and IMG Europe to provide insurances for non-UK citizens and UK citizens that have already left the country as well. They cover for personal belongings and you have the option to add on a gadget extension.

For more details with regard to these policies check out their website.

Why take out luggage insurance?

If you are going abroad for several months and you take a lot of things (and potentially valuables) with you, you cannot do without luggage insurance. This can allow you to be covered for the entire duration of your stay, including if it exceeds three months.

A refund in the event of a lost suitcase

Your luggage insurance can reimburse you in the event of a lost suitcase. Very concretely, you receive a sum if you have misplaced your personal effects, which saves you additional expenses to buy back what you need. Insurance generally reimburses with a deductible, but the amount can quickly be derisory when you have lost a lot of valuables.

Additional benefits

If you have dedicated luggage insurance, you can report and track your claim in your customer area (which can be complicated when only credit card insurance is used). Your contract may provide for the reimbursement of basic necessities for you, in the event of loss or late delivery of luggage.

When subscribing, clearly specify what your personal effects are to be protected, your computer equipment, your photo or video equipment as well as your valuables, to obtain the best possible protection.


Does luggage insurance cover high-value items?

Coverage for high-value items may be limited, so it’s important to check your policy. You may need to purchase additional insurance for expensive items.

Is there a deductible for luggage insurance claims?

Some policies may have a deductible that you’ll need to pay out-of-pocket before the insurance covers the rest. Make sure to check this point with your chosen company.

What’s not covered by luggage insurance?

Common exclusions can include wear and tear, electrical or mechanical malfunction, and items left unattended in a public place.

Do I need separate luggage insurance if I already have travel insurance?

Not necessarily. Many travel insurance policies include luggage coverage, but check the terms to ensure it meets your needs.

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