Have you got a new passport after you had already applied for or obtained your Working Holiday Visa in Australia? It is important to inform the Australian immigration department.

What to do

As your visa is attached to your passport number, you have to contact the immigration department to update your passport details. Just send an email with the following documents to evisa.whm.helpdesk@border.gov.au with the subject: “Change of passport details + date of your trip”:

  • A copy of your new passport
  • A copy of your identity card or a copy of your old passport
  • Form 929 (make sure you fill in all of your names if you have several)

By the way, you won’t receive any emails informing you about the progress of your file. Then, 2 days prior to your departure (not sooner! we explain to you why below), you call the Australian Embassy in London. Use this number: +44 207 420 4835 to check with an agent that your changes have been updated. IF it has not been updated, NO PANIC, the agent will give you an email address to which you send your documents again. This is an emergency procedure that only triggers 48 hours prior to departure, so don’t bother harassing them before then.

Information provided by Marine

Updated on the 02/01/2020. Initially published on the 13/10/2018.

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