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Best National Parks in NSW

Best National Parks in NSW

If you are in the mood to enjoy the great outdoors and go camping with your travel buddies, New South Wales is the place to be. In New South Wales, you will find a plethora of national parks where you can truly enjoy the beauty of nature. Not to mention, those scenic views with the rivers and mountains screams perfection. So if you’re planning to visit Australia, then you should not miss New South Wales’ national parks. Below, we listed some of the best national parks in New South Wales that you will surely love. That said, let’s have a look at them, shall we? 

Bouddi National Park

This National Park is located near Gosford on the New South Wales Central Coast. Feel the breeze of the sea as you walk through Bouddi National Park’s coastal line. This national park is for all sea lovers out there. Its rocky coastline produces this picturesque scenery for all your picture-perfect moments, especially during sunset. The national park itself is connected to two beaches namely the Putty and MacMaster’s beach. Fancy grabbing some barbecues or have fun with the locals on these beaches? It only takes a half an hour walk to get there from this national park. 

Along the way, you will also stumble upon a mini-forest where you can chill and relax. It gives you the best of both worlds from the breeze of the sea and the atmospheric vibe of the forest. Just be careful not to get lost as you wander around its trails. We highly recommend going for a walk in this park in the afternoon. This gives you a glimpse of those huge rocks glowing during sunset. 

Royal National Park

The Royal National Park is touted as the second oldest national park not only in Australia but in the world. It is a national park that is away from the city, just south of Sydney. So rest assured you won’t be dealing with crowds here that often. This means you can enjoy the view and atmosphere all by yourself. Two of the best attractions you can find here is the Wedding Cake Rock and Figure Eight Pools.

But beware! The Figure Eight Pools can be a friend or foe sometimes depending on the tide. So do your research first before taking a dip in these pools as the tides can rise occasionally by season. Failing to do so and you’ll find yourself being carried away towards the sea, which is something that you should definitely avoid. Other fun attractions also include the Aboriginal rock carvings where you can admire its majestic beauty and the Audley River where you can rent rowboats at an affordable price.

Figure Eight Pools

Wollemi National Park

The Wollemi National Park is part of the UNESCO World Heritage, which makes it one of the most popular national parks to date. It is located in the northern Blue Mountains and Lower Hunter regions of NSW. In here, you will find plenty of picturesque lookouts and camping sites. The park itself is around 487,000 hectares in size. Making this area best explored with a vehicle. But if you prefer doing it on foot, then you better wear high-quality hiking boots for that. 

If you plan to visit this national park, don’t forget to climb on the Pagoda Lookout. Reaching the top gives you a 360-degree view of its entirety that will truly make you gasp in awe. Want to swim? Visit the Ganduddy-Dunns Swamp campground and take a dip. The area in this campground also features a quiet yet lengthy trail, which is perfect for hikers who want to go for a walk and get their much-needed solitude. 

Pagoda Lookout – Credit:Tourism Australia

Mount Kosciuszko National Park

Kosciuszko NP is the largest of the state and home to Australia’s highest peak, Mount Kosciuszko. Located in the heart of the snowy mountains, this national park is a must see for nature lovers. From winter snow sports, to hiking or horse riding, you will definitely something to do! In spring, you can admire carpets of wildflowers, go for beautiful bush walks and of course admire the views.

If you are keen to walk to Australia’s highest point, summit of Mount Kosciuszko (2228 metres), you can begin the journey from either Thredbo or Charlotte Pass. Thredbo Pass is 13km return or four to five hours. Charlotte Pass summit walk is 18.6km return (8 hrs return). 

Mungo National Park

Want to feel like Lara Croft and get your archeological game on? Mungo National Park in the Murray-Riverina region is the place for you. This national park gives you a taste of history. Back in the days, archeologists found cremated human remains in the area. As well as signs where lakes are supposed to be located but are now turned into drylands. Exploring this national park will make you feel like you’re inside a history textbook.

The park itself has a sparkling resemblance to Egypt thanks to its landscapes that are made from sculpted sand and clay. You can also see a lot of kangaroos scattered around the area. So better secure your food just in case you want to have a picnic here. Or the next thing you’ll find are kangaroos having a feast on your picnic basket. 

Credit: Tourism Australia / Time Out Australia

Blue Mountains National Park 

If you want to see towering mountains, lush rainforests, and mouth-opener cliffs, then look no further with Blue Mountains National Park. Just a short ride from Sydney! This is by far the most fun-packed national park in New South Wales that adventurers will love. If you are here for the aesthetics, then this national park is for you. Thanks to its awe-inspiring valleys paired with large plateaus, walking in its trails feels like a scene in Discovery Channel.

If trails are your kind of adventure, there are plenty of them in this national park. There’s the Grand Canyon walk, Ruined Castle hike, and Katoomba Falls march just to name a few. So if you want to enjoy trail hiking to its fullest, make sure to take a walk in these trails we mentioned. Don’t forget to get your camera’s ready because are surely going to talk a lot of photos along the way. 

Want to unleash your inner Indiana Jones? There are also caves to explore at Blue Mountains too. But we highly suggest to only do cave exploration if you bought proper equipment. Caving may be fun, but they are dangerous, especially if you get lost inside without a map or GPS with you. 

There are still plenty of scenery and attractions to enjoy at Blue Mountains but we don’t want to spoil it for you. We highly recommend visiting this national park during the weekends. Don’t forget to bring your camping equipment because it’s going to be one hell of an experience. 

Jervis Bay Marine Park

Located 3 hours south from Sydney, this national park is one of the most beautiful national parks in the state.

This amazing national park is a concentration of splendid beaches and hiking trails. You’ll also find a lovely botanical garden, the ruins of the Cape St George Lighthouse, and historic native sites.

The pass that will allow you to visit the national park costs $13 per car and is valid for 48 hours. As you get there, go directly to Hyams Beach, whitest beach in the world. You will be amazed by the white sand, the crystal clear waters and may even see some dolphins!

From bushwalking, relaxing days at the beach or even whale watching, there is always something to do at Jervis Bay!

Barrington Tops National Park

Barrington Tops National Park is a stunning natural gem located in the Hunter Valley region. The park is home to ancient Gondwana rainforests, which are World Heritage-listed. These rainforests are incredibly diverse and showcase a range of unique flora and fauna.

The park is blessed with pristine rivers and streams that flow through its landscapes. The rivers, such as the Barrington River and Williams River, are known for their crystal-clear waters, making them ideal for swimming, picnicking, and even freshwater fishing.

One of the standout features of Barrington Tops National Park is its volcanic peaks. The park is part of the Mount Royal Range and boasts several impressive volcanic formations, including Mount Barrington and Mount Royal. These peaks offer breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

Barrington Tops is also a paradise for bushwalking enthusiasts. The park offers a variety of well-maintained walking trails that cater to different fitness levels. From shorter walks to full-day hikes, you can explore the rainforests, waterfalls, and scenic lookouts while immersing yourself in the tranquility of nature.

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