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Best Caravan Itineraries in New South Wales

Best Caravan Itineraries in New South Wales

If you are planning a caravan trip in New South Wales, then read on, as we have some great itinerary suggestions to make the most of your trip. The joy of seeing the beauty of NSW whilst towing your own accommodation is definitely an experience worth having. If you are a domestic traveler that wants to visit NSW on wheels, then this article is for you.

There is so much to see and explore in New South Wales. One of the best ways to do it is by renting a caravan if you’re from outside the country, or if you are a local, take your own caravan if you are lucky enough to be a caravan owner. So, what are these caravan trips we are talking about? Let us have a look at them now!

Greater Blue Mountains Drive

If you are in for a hike after a two-hour drive from Sydney, then look no further with the Greater Blue Mountains Drive. In here, you will be greeted with 18 trails that are connected to the main route. What’s best is that each of these trailers are filled with different kinds of adventures, which is perfect for those who are up for some action. Along the drive is a scenic view of sky-high mountains hence the name. 

There are also national parks and conservation areas in here too. Fancy taking a hiking trip with your family? There are a lot of options in The Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area to keep you entertained and make a great itinerary. The area is packed full of lookouts, picnic areas, and walking tracks conveniently located alongside galleries, cafes, museums, antiques, and accommodation in Katoomba, Leura and Wentworth Falls.

Blue Mountains National Park

Grand Pacific Drive

When we say grand, this is definitely so. The Grand Pacific Drive is about 140km along the south coast of Sydney down to Wollongong. Here you will see a lot of beaches and coastal towns filled with souvenir shops and eateries. The highlight of this area is the Sea Cliff Bridge, where you can get a scenic view of the ocean as you drive along the path. Feel the sea breeze as you drive your vehicle and reach the other side where the fun begins. 

From there, you will find the Royal National Park and the awe-inspiring Bald Hill Lookout. Reach the top and you will see gliders making their way along the ocean shore. Looking down below you will also see villages that are scatted along the seaside. The view and the sea breeze along the way, makes the Grand Pacific Drive the most relaxing one to visit. Looking for something to eat? Take a visit to their restaurants and eateries all over the area too. You will find plenty of them around Kiama and Shellharbour. Want to witness glimmer white beaches? Visit Jervis Bay and get your swimsuit and camera ready.

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Waterfall Way

Feast your eyes on this grand waterfall escapade only in Waterfall Way. This 191-kilometre route heads inland, delivering you eye candy waterfalls as you drive through. But it is not only waterfalls that you can see in here. There are also national parks too such as the Dorrigo, Oxley, and New England. The best part? Each of these national parks is also packed with waterfalls. The Dorrigo National Park, for example, has the Dangar, Ebor, and Mihi waterfalls. So, prepare your cameras and get those picture-perfect poses ready as you reach these falls.

But a question comes into mind. Are these waterfalls also open for swimming, you ask? Some falls are open for public swimming but there are also others where swimming is prohibited. Make sure you do your research or ask at a visitor’s centre if you are not sure which rules apply to the waterfall you are visiting. Nonetheless, why not head to the beach instead if you want to take a dip!

Dorrigo National Park

Legendary Pacific Coast

Of course, who can forget the Legendary Pacific Coast? This 940-kilometre drive greets you with picturesque views of the Pacific beaches and national parks that are filling the area. And it does not end there! During the night, do not forget to visit the Twilight Food Market where you can grab some grub. Though keep in mind that this food market is only open during Fridays starting from September 2020 up until April 2021. 

The Legendary Pacific Coast starts from Sydney up to Brisbane. Make sure to take your time once you are here because you will see myriads of attractions along the way. Do you fancy going for a swim? Their sheltered bays are perfect for families who want to stop by and enjoy the ocean for a moment. 

Mighty Murray River Drive

If you are looking for a refreshing and relaxing road trip, then the Might Murray River Drive brings the crown home. This drive is filled with history that takes you back in time during simpler days. You will meet a lot of locals that give you a glimpse of what life in the river is about.

This is Australia’s paddle-steamer capital and it is the perfect place to start your caravan adventure. The twin towns of Echuca and Moama on either side of the Murray River are rich in riverboat heritage. You can visit the Echuca Discovery Centre if you’d like to learn a bit more about the area’s river pioneers or the town’s history, as Echuca was once Australia’s largest inland port.

However, that does not mean you will only see rivers filled with mangroves and forests here.

Explore inland and you will see riverside wineries and diners. The best part about this area is the wines that are made by the locals themselves. So, if you and your squad want to stop by for a drink? Then the Mighty Murray River Drive is the place to be. But wait! There’s more. If you are in for a little bit of watersports, then don’t forget to visit the Tocumwal. This is where the good stuff begins, especially if you are daring and sporty enough who loves to take risks.

Credit: Tourism Victoria

The Hunter Valley

Why not create your own NSW Food and Wine Tour? The Hunter Valley is just a two hour drive North of Sydney and is Australia’s oldest wine region. The Hunter Valley has gained an international reputation for acclaimed wines, from familiar varieties such as semillon and shiraz to its very own emerging varieties. The region is home to 150+ cellar doors (wineries), so you can plan your trip through the vineyards and meet the passionate winemakers behind them who are super friendly and very generous with their knowledge about their wines. You may even be lucky enough to spot kangaroos between the vines as you enjoy the view!

There are plenty of designated tour companies through whom you can book a day’s tour which will enable you to sample the wines and enjoy yourselves safely.

However, even if you are not drinking wine, the scenery in the Hunter Valley is worth the trip alone – even the motorway route out of the city is stunning (bonus if you pass over the Harbour Bridge)! There are plenty of other things to taste as well, including olive oils, cheeses and even chocolates. You will also find many artisanal shops and independent cafes or restaurants to sample along the way.

The Hunter Valley also provides plenty of entertainment by way of activities. Historic towns such as Wollombi still retain many historic colonial buildings with the Endeavour Museum inside the former courthouse as well. The region hosts many luxury hotel resorts and golf courses, as well as cultural centres to learn about aboriginal culture such as in the Yengo National Park where you can see Aboriginal rock engravings amongst the lush bushland.

Drive Safe, Travel Safe

These caravan trips are just the beginning – there is so much more to explore in New South Wales. Whether you are renting a van or using your own vehicle, always drive responsibly to prevent accidents. Do keep in mind that these driving areas are flooded with tourists meaning popular areas and routes can get very busy so always keep the traffic in mind to avoid missing bookings or delays. We hope this article helped you out if you are looking for inspiration for your caravan trip through New South Wales.

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