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10 Good Reasons to visit Australia on a WHV in 2024

10 Good Reasons to visit Australia on a WHV in 2024

Australia, with its vast landscapes, vibrant cities, and rich cultural heritage, offers a unique adventure for Working Holiday Visa (WHV) holders. Here are ten compelling reasons why Australia should be your WHV destination in 2024

Simple steps

Contrary to what you might think, it is not as complicated to do a Working Holiday Visa in Australia! The main complication being if English isn’t your first language, you’ll have to do your steps in English. However, the steps are the same as moving to any country: opening a bank account, getting an Australian phone number and looking for accommodation. It won’t be long until you find your bearings and you’ll find similarities in lifestyles. However, it is also possible to find a complete change of scenery for those who are seeking it also!

Get out of your comfort zone

Whether you’ve just finished years of studying or have spent the past few years at work, a routine can be hard to leave and it may feel your path is already decided. Going to Australia with a Working Holiday Visa is a unique adventure where you can remove the word “boredom” from your vocabulary. Adventures you can’t even imagine are waiting for you and you have to make the most of it! It is a parenthesis in your life that will allow you to not only become independent but exceed all expectations. As you are thousands of miles from your family and familiarity, you can only rely on yourself to handle any complications and stressful situations. Trust us, there will be testing times but you will get through it.

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Live extraordinary experiences

Australia is a country of endless possibilities. You can work somewhere completely unique: work on a crocodile farm, on a ranch in the desert, in a 5 * Resort on a paradise island or becoming a tractor driver – your possibilities are endless. Many work very hard for 2 years and return home with a comfortable sum. By staying in a hostel you’ll meet Backpackers from all over the world, or buy a van and travel around Australia, before settling in the city to discover either the thrilling Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide. During these one or two years, you will have the opportunity to experience more adventures than you can imagine.

Australia is home to unique wildlife not found anywhere else in the world. From kangaroos and koalas to the colorful marine life of the Great Barrier Reef, wildlife enthusiasts will be in their element.

Get an attractive salary

The WHV program allows you to work while exploring Australia, offering a great way to fund your travels. The country’s strong economy provides numerous job opportunities in sectors like hospitality, agriculture, and retail.

The Australian minimum wage is one of the highest in the world, with the majority of companies offering at least $23.23 per hour, which can quickly climb depending on your industry (for example construction, hospitality and mining). There are also many ways to save money. For example, a position as a Farmhand (help in dairy farms or breeding) may not seem as well paid as other jobs. However, you will be housed and fed while enjoying beautiful surroundings. This is often the best way to save money and leave Australia with a generous sum to continue travelling! Fruit picking can also save you money because farms are often out of town limiting the possibilities to spend your earnings. As a tip, complete your 88 days for the second Visa at the beginning of your stay, then you’ll have peace of mind and a topped up bank account – the perfect combo to travel Australia.

Magic landscapes

Regardless of preference, you will be amazed by the landscapes in Australia. From the iconic red sands of the Outback to the lush rainforests of Queensland and the pristine beaches of the Gold Coast, Australia’s diverse landscapes offer endless exploration opportunities. Not forgetting, the wilderness of Tasmania, the snow on the Blue Mountains, the Kimberley Gorge. Each region presents a new adventure, whether it’s surfing, hiking, or simply soaking in the natural beauty. Exciting cities each with their own personalities. It’s safe to say, you will not have enough time in two or three years to discover all that Australia has to offer. However, regardless of which wonders you choose to visit, you will leave with unforgettable memories. You will undoubtedly fall in love with the beauty of this country. 

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Discover a new culture

Australians are known for their laid-back attitude and friendly demeanor. The multicultural society is welcoming to visitors, making it easy to make friends and immerse yourself in the local culture.

At first sight, Australia may not seem particularly out of the ordinary. Big chains stores, American style city centres and European heritage. However, if you leave the big cities you will meet authentic Australia and be rewarded with a totally different culture and mentality. By winning their friendship, the residents of the outback will show you how man and nature confront each other. With the lack of water and the threat of fires, snakes, kangaroos and dingoes. Life away from civilisation does lend itself to many issues incredibly different from our usual concerns. Not forgetting the Aboriginal culture its traditions, art and songs that you can discover throughout Australia, but especially in the red centre. If you do not want to venture this far, enjoy the sweetness of Oz. The Australians are warm, always ready to offer you a beer or share a beach side barbecue before a surf session in the sunshine.

Meet with people from all over the world

During the year on a WHV in Australia, you will have the opportunity to meet backpackers from all walks of life. This year can be a real chance to discover different cultures as you live alongside people of your age but with an upbringing and experiences totally different from yours. Arriving with an open mind is essential! Hostels are excellent ways to enjoy international meals, where everyone cooks a National dish from their country allowing you all to discover other cultures (and great food!) Fast forward a few months, you will know how to swear in a dozen different languages. The sign that you have become an accomplished backpacker! Long-standing friendships are quickly formed, born of galleys and laughter shared. These friendships will open doors around the world for future travels as you will be able to meet up around the globe and reminisce about this extraordinary year.

The country of the road trip

Australia’s well-developed infrastructure makes it easy to travel around the country. With a range of accommodation options, efficient public transport, and domestic flights, WHV holders can explore at their own pace.

The dream road trip remains one of the main reasons to choose Australia as a Working Holiday Visa destination. Australia remains the go-to destination for road trips with thousands of miles waiting to be explored. The country is particularly well suited to campervan journeys. You’ll find free camping spots in abundance, cheaper gas than in the United States or Europe, well-maintained roads. Countless National Parks to enjoy for days on end. Finding the van of your dreams is also easier than you think. Every major city in the country has backpackers leaving who need to sell their van before they go. Once you have a van and a few attempts getting used to the roundabouts on the wrong side, you’ll be ready to chuck on some tunes and storm this huge country! This is one of the best reasons to visit Australia on a WHV

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Explore Asia

Living on the other side of the world has benefits that you may not have considered before. Living in Australia, you will find yourself just a few hours away from Southeast Asia, with its many low-budget destinations. After a few months working hard in Australia head to Thailand, Bali or Cambodia as your Australian salary will allow you to live very comfortably for several weeks (or even months!) From Cocktails on the beach to hiking a volcano, discovering temples to partying all night. Asia offers the freedom to create a trip suitable to all travel styles. Then, when the adventure funds start running low, jump on a plane and start your second year in Australia!

Improve your English

For English speakers, the lack of a language barrier is a significant advantage. It makes navigating daily life, securing employment, and interacting with locals much more straightforward.

This may seem obvious but the language remains one of the main motivations for getting a WHV for most foreigners. Of course if English is your mother tongue… well you might improve your slang in Australia! In an ever more globalised labour market, fluency in English is becoming more and more essential. What better way to improve than immersing yourself in it with daily practice? During a year on a Working Holiday Visa, you will speak English every day: at work, in a hostel, while shopping… In a few months, you will have majorly boosted your English.

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