When you go backpacking in Australia or New Zealand, you quickly realise that you need to travel in your own vehicle to be able to visit all the places you want to. Luckily, Australia caters perfectly to travellers on the road. Now, have you also got the romantic idea of travelling Australia in a colourful VW Kombi as the epitome of freedom? Yes! Well, maybe not in a VW Kombi, as they’re pretty precious and expensive these days, but any other campervan will do the job just fine. These are the reasons why you should travel Australia or NZ in a campervan.

1. Complete Freedom

When traveling in a van in Australia, you don’t need to adhere to anyone or anything. Open your free Australia Backpackers Guide and drive wherever you want to.
…and if you don’t like it there, continue driving!

campervan australia freedom

2. The most beautiful bedroom views

If this isn’t reason enough to jump on a plane to Australia and into a campervan. You get bedroom views of unique landscapes and breathtaking sunsets straight from your van.

campervan australia views

3. You save money for accommodation

Compared to hotels and hostels, caravan parks are affordable. And anyway, who needs a caravan park every night?

campervan australia accommodation

4. You get to know the locals and the countryside

If you only hang out with other backpackers in hostels in Sydney or Melbourne, you hardly get to know the real Australia and you might have as well stayed at home. Get into your campervan, out of the city, and explore Australia away from the tourist roads.

campervan australia locals

5. A great camper community

You meet a different kind of breed: The Camper Community. Everyone is welcome and you make friends in the blink of eye.

campervan australia community

6. No time pressure

No timetables, no itineraries, no rush. You set the pace!

campervan australia time

7. You surpass yourself

Sometimes things go wrong. A breakdown in the middle of nowhere, an empty petrol tank, a small accident, you name it. While at home you would normally call your parents, in Australia you’re on your own most of the time. These challenges help you grow! No worries, there’s always a solution.

campervan australia challenges

Campervan Rentals and price comparison

You can’t wait to hire a van in Australia? It’s super easy. Just use this price comparison tool to find the best offer.

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Updated on the 15/01/2020. Initially published on the 30/11/2018.

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