The Concept

“A guide written by backpackers for backpackers!”

Like you, we had the amazing project to travel one year in Australia with the Working Holiday Visa.
We realised that lots of practical information was essential to prepare this adventure.
During our trip, we found lots of tricks, and like most backpackers, we were disappointed with the guide we had bought. Not because it was bad, but simply because it was not really suited to our lifestyle. This is not just a trip, you are not here as a tourist… and that makes all the difference. Half the pages of tourist guides are devoted to hotels and restaurants that you are never going to visit and often there are no pictures! Finally, we realise that those guides did not give any practical information about the tax system, registration of vehicles and jobs in Australia (especially about fruit picking)!

We then thought about the questions that everyone asks:

  • What should I know before I go?
  • What are the steps to follow when I arrive?
  • What happens during a road trip around Australia?
  • The jobs, how’s it going? How to find one?
  • How does the tax system work?
  • By region, what are the best spots to discover and what they look like? what are the places that are not necessarily worth seeing?
  • How to Save Money?
  • Australia, what if I wanted to stay there … how?

… So we decided to answer all these questions by writing a guide!

AUSTRALIA – Backpackers Guide will help you prepare your adventure to travel to Australia in peace. It will give you tips on how to buy a vehicle for your needs, the steps to follow to find a job quickly and how to prepare your road trip in Australia.

Once there, the States & Territories’ section of the Guide will help you to know all about the best places to discover in Australia, and we have also integrated in the margins, with icons showing you:

  • The fauna to be discovered
  • Harvests in the regions
  • The best free camp spots around the country

In each major city, we made a special page One Day“, directing you to the places not to be missed in one day with a budget of less than $50.

And with a list of nearly 500 contacts on farms , it will help you to find work more easily!

Moreover, you can save money with many tips on the best deals and discounts offered by our partners about your money transfers, renting a vehicle, recovering your taxes …