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Tax return in Australia – Get $10 Discount:

Tax return in Australia – Get $10 Discount:

The tax system in Australia is pretty simple: throughout the year taxes are taken directly from your salary before you got paid. The advantage for travelers in Australia is that at the end of each fiscal year, it is possible to get a tax return for the taxes you paid during that year! On average it’s about $ 2,600! To do your tax return in Australia, you have two options: do it by yourself or hire a company that will do everything for you.


The tax system in Australia

What else do you need after finding your dream job in Australia? Maybe some extra money? Keep in mind that it is possible to get a tax return in Australia of the taxes you paid through the year!

Everyone who works in Australia pays taxes to the Australian Government (ATO). Those taxes are taken directly from your salary.

The percentage of the taxes you have to pay depends on your fiscal status (resident or not). Normally you are registered as a non-resident. That means 32% of your salary are taxes. If you stay long enough in Australia, you can be considered as an Australian resident for fiscal purpose. In this case you are eligible for a tax return in Australia.

The fiscal year runs from the 1st of July to the 30st of June of each year. You can apply for your tax return in Australia from the 1st of July to the 31st of October.

This means that you have to report all wages earned from the 1st of July to the 30st of June. If you are currently employed, don’t worry…you will declare your future wages next year or when you leave Australia.

., an agency specializing in tax declaration

If you want to do your tax return in Australia we suggest to hire a certified tax agency like who has experience and expertise to help you claim back as much taxes as possible!
tax return in AustraliaA certified tax agent will be able to check if you can be considered as a resident for Australian taxes. You will get a free estimate of tax return in Australia and they will go through the whole tax return process with you.



Tax return in Australia with

Get 10 Dollar Discount

You will then be contacted by email or phone by an agent to guide you through the procedure.


The benefits of Taxback:

– $10 discount with the Australia Backpackers Guide
– They don’t charge anything if you don’t get any taxes back
– Maximize your chances getting taxes back
– You can chat directly with the Taxback team
– 24/7 assistance in case of urgent requests
– 6 Taxback agencies in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Darwin, Cairns, Brisbane
– The average tax refund is $2600.

Use their tax calculator to get a free estimate


How much does it cost?

Combien ça coûte services Australie charges 9% commission on the taxes you get back.

For example :
If you get $2500 back, Taxback will charge you $225 + $45
In the end you will get $2230 – ($2240 with our $10 discount)


Tax return in Australia – Get $10 Discount:
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