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Solo traveling around Tasmania – 10 good reasons

Solo traveling around Tasmania – 10 good reasons

If you wanna travel around Australia on your own, then you should definitely consider Tasmania. Tasmania is the smallest state of Australia far down in the South but is nonetheless an essential destination! The landscapes of the island are very different from the Australian Outback with hills, impenetrable forests and lakes… The island is also full of dream beaches with white sand and crystal clear waters. Read on to find out why solo traveling around Tasmania is a good idea!

Roads are safe and beautiful

Tasmania is a small island but there is plenty to discover! Endless Touring roads with just a few cars along a beautiful scenery. The roads are well maintained and driving is relatively safe. Always be careful when driving inland as roads can be slippery and quite narrow with sharp bends.

Short distances

Tasmania is the smallest state in Australia. Within hours there are lots of sights to discover. You don’t have to drive more than 4 hours per day if you want to travel around Tasmania within 1 week. With a few breaks, you can definitely manage it on your own. Besides, you don’t have to pay a lot for petrol.

Cheap rental cars

Tasmania is less touristic than many other states in Australia. Therefore there are lots of cheap rental offers. You can get a vehicle for less than 300 AUD per week. If you have your own car you have to take the ferry from the mainland which is more expensive than flights.

Good advice: The roads in Tasmania are quite safe. However, we recommend getting an insurance for your rental car. The insurances offered by the rental car companies are quite expensive.

You can really be on your own

Endless streets, just a few tourist and you can spend the night far away from party hostels by just sleeping in your car, your van or a tent. So when you really want to be on your own in Tasmania it is not a problem…

You don’t have to be lonely

Even in Tasmania there are hostels and lots of backpackers that spend the night on popular campsites. So when you don’t want to be alone anymore it is no problem to find new friends to share some adventures with.

Selfies on the roads

There’s a small negative point when you’re solo traveling around Tasmania. You can’t just take pictures whenever you want because you have to drive. However, there are only a few cars on the streets, so sometimes you can just stop and take a picture. But careful, only do it when the road is clear. Besides there are lots of view points where you can just stop your car and take a nice picture.

You can sing as loud as you want

If you’re solo traveling around Tasmania you can sing as loud as you can without any complains from your travel partner. You can even try to sing louder than the Tasmanian devil’s scream.

You have more space in your car

Another good point for solo traveling around Tasmania is that you have more space in your car. If you decide to sleep in your car you have the whole back seat for your own! In the morning you will get rewarded with some breathtaking sunrises.

Sleeping bag and campfire are your best companions

In Tasmania it can get really cold during night. Get a good sleeping bag and learn how to do a proper campfire. So you don’t need anyone else to keep you warm during the night.

You don’t have to share your wine

If you are solo traveling you don’t have to share your delicious wine from Tasmania with anyone else. You could just have a glass of wine on your own while reading a book on an empty beach. However, when you want to have some company there are always some people around to clink glasses with while sharing the most beautiful sunsets.

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