Surfing in Australia is the dream of anybody into the sport! If there is a city that stands out as the international capital of the sport, it is undoubtedly Sydney. Its proximity to the ocean, relaxed atmosphere and awesome waves make it the ideal city for beginners to take up surfing lessons! Sasha took part in a week-long Surf Camp with the Australian Surf Tours company where he learned to surf from a team of professionals. This famous surf school is located just one hour south of Sydney in the small town of Thirroul. This is his testimonial.

The Town of Thirroul

When we arrived, we immediately found the atmosphere very pleasant! The city is not very big, but boast a fair amount of restaurants, bars, and shops. Thirroul is really a small city which welcomes surfers from all over the world! We had the impression that the locals knew us when they greeted us as we passed. Also, we were able to find everything we wanted in local shops … but the best part is that it has a beach next door, which is why we came!


A really spacious and comfortable accommodation

surf house

We were really pleasantly surprised by our accommodation. We stayed in a double room, in the surf lodge which is right next to the surf house. Here we were lucky enough to have a bathroom and a kitchen just for us! Everything was spotless and we had everything we needed. Our living space was just perfect for our goal: eat, sleep, wash and rest up after surfing. It was nice to have a clean and spacious place to relax after our busy days!

Surf teachers who care about our progress

From the beginning, our coaches threw us into the surfing atmosphere. They really took their time in teaching us about theory before getting into the water! We learned about the ocean, the waves and of course the technical knowledge required for surfing. It helped us incredibly as we had already tried to surf several times on our own, and it had proved to be quite a challenge…

It was also nice to be accompanied in the water as we were guided and corrected.

equipe dans l'eau

We were taught about our movements, our positioning, where we should go, etc. And also benefited from video coaching so that we could learn from our mistakes and better understand them. We made incredible progress in just a few days, especially compared to the level we had when we arrived! The coaches are very professional and taught us in such a way that we would be able to manage alone in the future.

Skateboarding training to learn the right movements

The skate activity was really useful to understand the different movements of the upper body, knees, and feet. It was very similar to surfing and we were very happy with this session which proved useful for progress. It was like riding a wave but on the land, we had more time to really look at our positioning, and correct it if necessary … It was really nice to practice the \ together and the coaches helped us greatly with our posture! We all got personalised advice, so we learned from our mistakes very quickly …

surfer en australie

Relaxation day

We had a free day where we did not practice surfing. This day off was very welcome as this sport is intense! As we were not used to giving so much in such a short time it was nice to be able to rest our muscles It was also cool because we could do things that we would not have had the chance to do if we had been alone. The coaches know all the cool places and knew exactly where to take us. We visited Stanwell National Park and took short hikes on beautiful beaches and hills. Finally, we were able to jump from cliffs! It was a different day, but really very interesting.


The Farm Beach, a perfect place to learn to surf

We really loved “the farm beach”! The waves are perfect and the setting is just beautiful. We had private courses with Australian Surf Tours on part of this beach. We were the only “students” in the water at this huge spot! We had perfect weather conditions which made it even more enjoyable. This was definitely the beach where we made the most progress.

Equipe avec planche de surf

A cool atmosphere and a great team

We were a rather young group and we had the same aspirations as other students and coaches. In particular with Daniel (20 years old), our coach who is full of energy. It’s great to have such a cool coach! He took us to parties, but also really taught us to surf. Everyone was super friendly and listen to us if we needed any advice, etc. For example, this weekend we wanted to do a parachute jump over Wollongong (city 15 minutes south of Thirroul), and Sam immediately gave us all the necessary information. We even benefited from a discount code for this activity and our coach booked everything for us!


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Updated on the 5/11/2019. Initially published on the 22/6/2018.

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