To get the best backpacker travel insurance, it is not enough to choose the one that everyone else recommends to you or the one you hear about the most. Although the popularity of an insurance provider is a positive indication for their reliability, you should make your choice based on your individual needs and the way you travel. Generally speaking, here are some coverage criteria that you need to consider when choosing your worldwide travel insurance.

Countries covered by insurance

Are you planning to visit high risk countries such as Afghanistan, Egypt, or Ivory Coast? Gather information on the political situation in whichever country you’re going to. And find out, what countries are covered by the travel insurance of your choice. This way you can find the best backpacker travel insurance.

Reimbursements for medical expenses and hospitalisation

A crucial point of a backpacker insurance is the reimbursement for medical expenses and hospitalisation. You need to know how the insurance will cover you and how your expenses get reimbursed. Remember to keep all of your invoices as well as important forms and documents related to your claim.

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24-hour help desk

Check if there’s a support service included in the cover. You should be able to contact your insurance quickly and easy at any time (we don’t always have internet reception when travelling).

Repatriation assistance

In extreme cases, repatriation assistance is essential. For example, if you need surgery and you are in a country where medical care is not well-developed, your insurance covers your repatriation. You should also consider whether you want your insurance to reimburse a return ticket in the event of hospitalisation or death of a relative.

Civil liability and legal assistance

In some situations (e.g. car accidents), you might be directly responsible for the consequences, in which case you will have to pay the costs. This could be for replacing property of a third party or even medical expenses.

Also make sure that legal assistance is included in the insurance package!

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What would be a round the world trip without the fun of doing all kinds of activities. Some of these activities are riskier than others, and not all insurances are equal in coverage. For example, not every insurance company covers sports like scuba diving or surfing. Take this into account if you enjoy fun activities or if you want to learn.

Personal Belongings

Insurances offer different levels of coverage for belongings. These range from luggage delay on flights to theft. Carefully read the conditions! It’s often the case that electronic devices such as mobile phones or cameras are not covered.

Cancellation insurance

Also remember to check whether your insurance includes coverage for cancellations: trip cancellations, hotel reservations, flight tickets etc.

In addition to the criteria in this list, read the general conditions of the insurance. You find information on the conditions of reimbursement, how you make claims, and the cases in which you won’t be covered.

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