Every year more than 600 000 backpackers make their way to Australia, but we definitely not not living the same experiences. Some will buy a campervan and travel around the county, others hitchhike… Most of us will work in farms to get the 88 days while others will stay in the big cities.

After having met a bunch of travellers throughout the country, here are some (stereo)typical portraits of backpackers Down Under 🙂 

The Golden Boys

EAST COOOOOOOAST BABY! All I need is surfin’ and sun and…hey party, of course. I know every single Australian cocktail and beer brand and if you’re looking for a good spot to catch a wave, follow me!

Byron Bay and Surfers Paradise have NO secret for me, I’ve never left their sides for more than 20km off the coast. I have at least four BBQs per week and I haven’t worn a sweater in, like …  8 months!

The Road Trippers

I don’t spent more than a week in one city. I’m sick and tired of turning 50 rounds every evening before being able to find a spot for the night with my van. I’ve become an expert in fruit picking. I can do five bins in one day and I’m able to list every single kind of apple! What I want is to take detours, go wherever I want to, whenever I want to and take about 130 photos per day! For me, vodka and beer are too expensive, so I drink goon. 120km a day is the distance I drive on average and I don’t like to spend more than three days at the same place… well Free spirit they call us 🙂 

The Free Travellers  

What did you say, a van for $5000?? You’re nuts, you know what is cheaper? Catching lifts ! which costs a tenth of the price…

I know all the best deals for any kind of transport through the entire country and never plan more than two weeks ahead. Man, I just do whatever I feel like, according to my mood, my bank account, the weather, and the people I meet of course. I worked a bit in the city and spent months at a farm wwoofing. Thanks to CouchSurfing, I’ve met locals and know people all over Australia.

The Citysiders

On the mornings I go to my business classes, followed by working at the shop in the arvo and in the evening, I meet my mates in the city! I haven’t seen Northern Territory yet, but I do know every single good deal in Sydney. By the way, there’s a boat party with DJ Sky tonight… we can meet up at the Ivy in an hour…  On the weekends I usually sunbath at Bondi Beach with my crew and soak up the BBQ/sunscreen/beach volleyball vibe. When I get home, I disgust all my friends back at home with my photos on Facebook, ha…wait a sec, Will is online, I really need to Skype with him!!

The No-Man’s Land

What we do is cruise in our 4wd! East Coast ? No I haven’t been there… but we’ll be able to talk to you about Gibb River Road in the Kimberley or the Simpson Desert. We have all the gear a good Aussie camper needs. And we know exactly where to find what we need on the shelves of BCF, Anaconda or Bunnings. We don’t have a dual battery, we use solar power. All we want is to discover the hidden corners that make us dream and, most importantly, avoid the packed beaches. With us there’s no excess, only the necessary! 2 shorts, a knife, a GPS, binoculars, 10m cable, 40 liters of water, 40 liters of fuel, 30 tin cans…

A big thank you to Roxêve for the illustrations!

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