There are different ways to transfer funds internationally. You will find that due to the plethora of services offered on the Internet, that it can be hard to pick the right and legit one.  In this article, we are introducing our partner TransferMate, a secure platform to transfer your funds all around the world with great exchange rates and a fixed transfer fee. So if you need to transfer money abroad and want to receive 25% discount with TransferMate, this is an article for you to read! 

How does TransferMate work?

To transfer funds between two or more countries, you will obviously need bank accounts in those countries.

TransferMate is a pretty simple process that allows you to save when transferring money overseas. First, you need to register for free on TransferMate. Once you have completed the form, you will receive another short form, which you sign and return by scan/fax to, in order to certify your identity. Once your registration is completed, you let them know how much money you want to transfer to your bank account overseas. They offer you an exchange rate. Then you just transfer the funds to their bank account, which is located in your country. This means you are saving yourself the international transfer fee ! After TransferMate received the money, they convert it into the chosen currency and transfer it to the chosen bank account. 

TransferMate offers complete transparency with 24/7 online access, online payment tracking, automated payee notification, and an automated system for verifying payee bank account details.

TransferMate – How much it costs

Compared to a normal bank, money transfers with TransferMate are much cheaper. They offer you a better exchange rate and only apply a small fixed fee for each transfer. Through our partnership with TransferMate, you even pay less because you will get a 25% discount per transfer. That means you only have to pay 11 £/$/€ (instead of 15, depending on which currency you’re using) – regardless of the amount of money you want to transfer.

Here’s an example: TransferMate vs. Normal banks

Transfer money to Australia with TransferMate

  • You want to transfer 3,000 Euro to Australia
  • With our 25% discount they only charge you a transfer fee of 11 Euros.
  • The market exchange rate: 1 Euro = 1,5 AUD (Summer 2016)
  • TransferMate will probably offer the following exchange rate: 1 Euro = 1,49 AUD
  • So for 3,000 Euros you’ll get: 4,470 AUD – 16.39 AUD (11 Euro x 1,49) = 4,453.61 AUD

Transfer your money to Australia with a bank

  • You want to transfer 3.000 Euros to Australia
  • Let’s pretend you don’t have to pay transfer fees (most of the time you do)
  • The market rate: € 1 = AUD 1.5 (Summer 2016)
  • The exchange rate offered by your bank will probably be around 1.45
  • For 3000 Euros you will get 4,350 AUD

So if you want to transfer 3,000 Euros to Australia, you will probably save 103,61 AUD with TransferMate compared to a normal bank!

TransferMate discount – only 11£ per transfer

To get the 25% discount for every transfer with TransferMate, simply click on the button below.

25% discount – Only 11 £/$/€ per transfer

If you still hesitate, just compare with your bank’s rates and you will know what to do 🙂 And if you have any queries on TransferMate’s services, their online customers service is available 24/7.

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Updated on the 31st of May 2019. First published on the 20th of September 2018

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