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5 Reasons Why Adventures in Australia are WORTH IT

5 Reasons Why Adventures in Australia are WORTH IT

If you are a travel junkie that is eyeing a trip to Australia, then read on. Australia is one of the most visited countries by tourists around the globe, for good reason. There is no denying that it will be a long flight ahead if you are living far from Australia. But the lengthy hours inside the plane will be worth it once you stepped into the country itself. Today, we are going to tackle five reasons why Australian adventures is a must-try experience for the travel savvy. That said, let’s get right into it.

The Beauty of Wildlife Awaits

Australia is not all just kangaroos just like what we usually find on the internet. But there is more to see out there when it comes to wildlife. You’ll see plenty of koalas, wombats, platypuses, wombats and a whole lot more. If you are an animal lover, then there’s a special place in Australia that’s just for you.

Australia has plenty of zoos and wildlife parks for you to explore. But aside from that, they also have lush forests that are blooming with wildlife too. It makes you feel like you are inside the National Geographic channel. Just make sure not to scare the animals while you’re exploring their natural habitat. Also check the waters! Australia is home to an impressive amount of marine life. Turtles, sharks, whales, dolphins… too many to list!
Don’t forget to visit Australia’s gorges too. The Kings Canyon, Windjana Gorge, and Hancock Gorge are some of the most beautiful gorges in Australia where you’ll see a thriving wildlife. Not to mention, its picturesque views will make you appreciate the beauty of Australia even more.

The Eye-Candy Scenic Drives Will Leave You in Awe

If you’re planning to rent a van for your Australian journey, then you probably don’t want to miss
Australia’s scenic drives. There are myriads of sights to see in Australia wherever your vehicle will take you. Take the road from Sydney to Melbourne, for example. Where you will be greeted with huge mountains, flowing rivers, beaches, and frolicking gardens. And it doesn’t end there! Make sure to loop and drive around Tasmania, Nullarbor Plain, and the Great Ocean Road just to name a few. All these places mentioned will give you the best of Australia’s awe-inspiring views. So, get your cameras ready because you can probably make an entire portfolio of these scenic drives alone.

But keep in mind that some of these scenic routes will be open or closed depending on the season. The Great Alpine Road and Bogong Alpine Way are two roads that are most visited by tourists. Although the former is open throughout the year, the latter will be closed during the winter season. So plan your scenic drive travel according to the season.

Test Your Boldness with Its Skydiving Spots

Nothing screams adventure with skydiving. The feeling of fear mixed with excitement as you jump a thousand feet from the sky is an adventure you don’t want to miss. Luckily, Australia has myriads of skydiving spots for you to choose from. Be it at the Byron Bay, Cairns, Sydney beaches, or Melbourne, these skydiving spots will make you experience a thrill like never before.

But before you get excited, keep in mind that skydiving is expensive. So, make sure to plan your finances first and see if it fits your budget. A 14,000- feet jump will cost you around $249. But there are also affordable packages that start at $99 where the extra bells and whistles will add up later.

If There’s Skydiving, There’s Also Cage Diving Too

Want to up the ante of your Australian adventure even more? Then cage diving is something that you don’t want to miss. Ever wondered how the deep Australian sea looks like? Now is your chance to witness it thanks to cage diving. Do keep in mind that this adventure is not for the faint of heart just like skydiving. Australia’s shark-infested waters may feel like a horror show for some, but the experience you’ll get is worth every penny you spent on it. It may be terrifying at first. But once you are inside the cage along with expert divers to protect you, then you should be fine. Just think of it like you’re going to an aquatic zoo. But instead, you will be close face-to-face with these sharks, jellyfishes, and other aquatic wildlife surrounding you.

The best cage diving spots in Australia are found in Neptune Islands, Port Lincoln, and Eyre Peninsula. So get your waterproof camera’s ready and put on your best smile along with the sharks. Just make sure not to scare them up close or else you will end up losing an arm when doing so.

Australian Hospitality at Its Finest

Australians are friendly people. Locals will make you feel welcome, and they also have a great sense of humour too. And if you want to embark on an adventure, rest assured that these Australians will be there to guide you along the way. They want to give the best of what Australia has to offer for tourists such as you. So, don’t forget to hire a local tour guide when visiting to make your adventure a worthwhile experience. But do not be alarmed with Australian’s constant swearing. It is part of their friendly aura that is often treated as an expression. Australians are also open-minded too and don’t get easily offended. They are also extremely helpful even to strangers.

So just in case you get lost during your Australian journey, talk to an Australian local and you will get your answers right away.

There’s So Much More to Explore!

The list goes on and on when it comes to Australian adventures. There’s bungee jumping, bushwalking, scuba diving, and a whole lot more. And if that sounds convincing enough, now is the perfect time to plan your Australian trip when the world gets back to normal again.

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