A kangaroo over two meters tall and nearly 100 kilos was spotted in suburban Brisbane last weekend. Impressive in size and very muscular, the animal frightened residents who found themselves facing him. A local resident, Linda Hellyar, spotted the kangaroo during a walk with her dogs: “We were shooting in the corner and he sprang. It was very solid, with very large muscles. We kept our distance because we know that kangaroos can be dangerous. “

Fearless GIANT kangaroo intimidates Brisbane residents http://t.co/ltseTm86gA via @MailOnline Wouldn’t happen here…

— Hendrix Barker (@allotment15b) 23 May 2015

The people were very impressed by the tour of “Big Buck” This kangaroo over two meters and nearly 100 kilos, easily recognizable by his severed left ear. This is not the first time he was noticed in the region and it always impresses the neighbours: “It’s very intimidating, he’s a really big fella.”

While it is common to come across kangaroos in the area, it is rare to see this kind of mastodon venture into the suburbs of a big city.

Source : reuters.com