Desperately looking for a cheap place to stay in an Australian city? Well…cities like Melbourne and Sydney are usually quite expensive. Especially the rent for a room. The latest trend: luxury camping in Melbourne!

Expensive Rooms in Melbourne

If you want to find a cheap room for your own in Melbourne you have to pay like 250 AUD. The median weekly rent in Melbourne is even higher: 370 AUD (according to the most recent Rental Report by the Department of Human Services). Sleeping in your own car or camper van is not allowed in the city and the closest camping site is out of town. So what about camping on a balcony?

Cheap Camping in Melbourne

At the moment a landlord is offering a “very comfortable” tent on his balcony in Melbourne for 90AUD a week – the use of his apartment in the Emerald tower of Melbourne is included. Sounds like an amazing deal for backpackers on a low budget.

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Camping in Melbourne – Gumtree Ad – Full use of apartment

The tent comes with “electricity and proper thick mattress bed inside, heater provided as well”.
Before he moved to one of the rooms in the apartment, he slept in this tent for about 6 months.

Is Camping in Melbourne legal?

Concerns about the legal situation? The landlord says he had permission to rent the apartment to up to four people and doesn’t want to make any profit from the arrangement. There are no laws that prevent sleeping in a tent on private property as long as the apartments are registered as rooming houses to be rented to more than three people. Like for any other room “officially” people who want to rent a tent on a balcony need written permission to sublet under Consumer Affairs Victoria rules…

More Camping offers in Australian cities?

Have you seen any other camping offers in Australian cities? Share it with other backpackers and let us know…

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