Do you dream about leaving everything behind and live the simple Backpacker life in Australia? Well, do this little funny Australia Quiz for Backpackers to find out if you’re ready to leave your comfort zone and live in a camper van somewhere in the middle of the Australian bush…

You in the bathroom

Ο   minimum 1 hour

X   30 minutes are enough

Δ   Ready in 5 minutes

You and the job situation

Ο   I didn’t study to get dirt on my hands

X   I’m willing to do some hard work, but an 8 hour day when it’s 40°C is too much for me

Δ   I’m ready for anything so I can finance my trip

You and mechanical issues

Ο   If there’s a problem with the car I’m gonna call dad!

X   I can maintain the car but nothing else

Δ   I’m a mechanical genius! Whenever there’s a problem I’m gonna fix it!

You and spiders

Ο   I’m always scared of spiders – even in movies

X   If they’re not too big I can handle them

Δ   As long as they’re not poisonous it’s no problem

You and breaks

Ο   I need a stop every hour

X   I can drive for like 3 hours without any stops

Δ   I can be in the car the whole day! I love it!

You and English

Ο   What is this quiz actually about?

X   I watch all series in original version

Δ   I’m a native speaker

You and food

Ο   Cooking? I did it once when my parents were away…

X   I’m cooking sometimes but often I’m just too lazy

Δ   Noodles? Kangaroo Steak? Vegemite? No worries! I’m gonna prepare and eat everything…

Australia Quiz – Your points:

Ο   0 points

X   1 point

Δ  2 points

0-4 points: Australia will shock you!

5-9 points: You’ll gonna have to change some of your habits

10-14 points: No worries! Book a flight and come Down Under!

Updated on the 25/11/19. Initially published on 20/09/2018.

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